Our Environmental Policy

At Colourstream we care deeply about the environment, and this has spurred us into creating our own environmental policy.

The printing process uses a lot of machinery and chemical components that could easily cause harm to the environment, which is why we do everything we can do limit our impact on the beautiful location we are based in. We use only low toxicity chemicals for our printing, and any packaging and leftover chemicals are disposed of safely, or recycled for further use in the process.

We use eco friendly inks where possible and recycle all offcuts and unused materials from our printing process with local recycling firms.

Colourstream have signed up to the Woodlands Trust Carbon Scheme, for further information please click here.

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Colourstream is situate off the beaten track in a converted hop kiln in Badshot Lea, Farnham. It’s not just their environment that makes them stand but also their attention to detail. Even on small jobs, they take the trouble to get the best out of the art work supplied instead of simply accepting what they have been given. I am always impressed by how quickly they turn jobs around, and there are no dramas about how difficult it all is. Lastly, what really puts them head and shoulders above most other printers is their ability to manage variable data. They can carry out personalised mail shots of considerable complexity.

Hamish Robertson ActionCoach