Personalised Communications in Farnham, Surrey

There is nothing worse than receiving marketing materials addressed to ‘the marketing manager’ or ‘the sales director’. It’s a bit like getting mail addressed ‘to the occupier’ – you know it’s not really for you, and you don’t feel compelled to look at it. Instead, you throw it away and ignore it. But when you are the business sending out the communications, that’s not the response you want.

So next time you plan to distribute something – whether it’s your new creative marketing leaflets, brochures or even a set of forms to fill in, why not try the personal approach? If your prospective client received a letter that was addressed to them personally, with information unique to them and relevant to their needs, would they be more likely to contact you? If the answer to that question is yes, then personalised communications is the right option for you.

Colourstream Design & Print have spent over 20 years honing our skills in personalised communications, and we are able to offer the most sophisticated and customisable document printing in short or long runs. With a unique PIN number or coupon number embedded into each document, you are able to track response rates and measure your results accurately, helping you to better tailor your next set of communications. What’s more, personalised communications can also make a huge difference to your internal practices. Send out notifications and documents to your workforce that are personalised to what they need to see, or send their pension statements, sales figures or individual staff surveys in a memorable and attractive way.

The way you communicate with your customers is an essential part of the sales process, and one that can make or break a relationship. With personalised communications you can take a large database and communicate with each person in it in ways that they will appreciate. Never send out blank, impersonal messages again, instead let us design and customise your documents and communications, and we can make sure you maximise your impact.

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The team at Colourstream have always delivered. They go the extra mile if called upon and they have never let us down. Ever.

Robert Royle, Director, Stream Advertising & Marketing